Lizzo Shared Her Copycat Vegan Spicy McChicken Recipe Hack On TikTok

Lizzo holding a plate of food: Lizzo shared a video on TikTok that showed her followers how to make a copycat vegan McChicken sandwich. © Getty Images/TikTok/lizzo Lizzo shared a video on TikTok that showed her followers how to make a copycat vegan McChicken sandwich.

Recreating go-to chain restaurant recipes seems to be a staple in quarantine, as some brands have been releasing their exact recipes. Many people are taking it upon themselves to experiment in the kitchen by creating copycat meals, and Lizzo did just that with her quick vegan McChicken hack.

A classic McChicken from McDonald's is a pretty basic menu item—all it requires is a crispy chicken patty, mayonnaise, and iceberg lettuce. Lizzo wanted to make her sandwich vegan-friendly and showed her followers how to whip one up in a few simple steps in a TikTok video

In the video, she baked crispy vegan nuggets and sweet potato fries in her oven while toasting her bread, which we can assume is also vegan. Lizzo showed a clip of Red Hot seasoning blend and some garlic powder, which she likely sprinkled on the nuggets—and maybe the fries, too!—before putting them into the oven to warm.

Next, she lathered one side of her toasted bun with vegan mayo. Then, when the chicken was done, she assembled the sandwich with two chicken nuggets to cover the bread and iceberg lettuce, and voila! She served her sandwich with sweet potato waffle fries on the side, which sounds amazing, so take that, Mickey D's.

"Vegan spicy McChicken idgaf that s**t was hittin hoooooo," the TikTok caption read. And yeah, I believe it! If you're really trying to go all out with a McDonald's theme, the company released a Happy Meal box template that you can print out and fold at home to go along with your copycat recipes. Go ahead and be extra—it's what Lizzo would want.

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