Blogger shares simple hack to make creamy vegan Alfredo sauce

If you've ever hoped to recreate a creamy fettuccini

Alfredo without the butter or cheese, you're in luck.

Lifestyle blogger and mom Ereka Vetrini shared

her inventive vegan take on the classic recipe

on TikTok and it looks absolutely to die for.

To start, Vetrini wraps two entire

bulbs of garlic in tin foil and roasts them

at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.

After the garlic bulbs have become

nice and softened, Vetrini removes them

from the oven and squeezes out the contents

in the most satisfying fashion.

She then adds olive oil,

salt, red pepper flakes and

lemon juice and mixes the

creamy sauce with a whisk.

After boiling her pasta and tossing it in

the garlic concoction, Vetrini tops it all with

toasted breadcrumbs and fresh parsley.

"It tastes like there's butter and cheese in

here," she says. "Whoever Alfredo is, he's pissed".

While the expert cook never explicitly designates the

recipe as vegan, it is easy to make it vegan-friendly

by using an egg-free pasta and vegan breadcrumbs.

Vetrini consistently shares fun and inventive food

recipes with her over 138,000 followers on TikTok.

including her jazzed-up take on a

classic PB&J and her wildly decadent

version of an eggplant parm hero


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