What Makes California Wines Great

The wines produced in California are recognized as some of the best in the world and there are very good reasons for that. California and the wine grown here are naturally well matched. Nowhere on earth do you find the right combinations of earth, sun, and weather to grow those special grapes for great California wine. We will be looking at the four ingredients that make up what many say is the best in the world, California wine.
1. California Wines Start with the Sun
The importance of sun is sometimes overlooked. The California sun is great for grape growing as it is a moderate sunshine. The warmth of the sun triggers vines to metabolize and the leaves' pores begin to open and produce sugar. This sugar is then pumped into the grapes where it is converted into flavors. If you have too much sunlight, the sugar making will shut down. Fortunately, the California sun is moderate and therefore just the right amount to produce great California grapes.

2. California Wines Need Fog
In California, fog is common on the coast and in the valleys. The California fog is brought on by the coolness of the Pacific Ocean. Fog is 100 percent humidity and alongside the cool nights and fog in the mornings allows California grapes to recover from water loss during the day. This enhances the flavors and acidity of the grapes.

3. California Wines Need Gentle Slopes
Traveling up and down the state of California, you will witness that it is a state with lots of geological slopes and ripples. Back in the 1960's, California vintners began growing their grapes on slopes as was done in Europe. Growing grapes on gentle slopes allowed for ample drainage, the soil retains less water so that the vines grow smaller, more flavorful grapes.

4. California Wines Need Great Soil
The soil in California is as varied as the different types of wines you can find in the Great State. You might find clay, limestone, or loam and the soil you find on top maybe completely different three feet down where the roots of California vines reach. The varied soil can change dramatically not only from one vineyard to another, but from one slope to another. California winemakers take the nuances of the different soils and incorporate them into making great California wines.


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