Prevent the Onset of Diabetes by Cooking Wisely

There is a great link between obesity and type 2 diabetes related to insulin resistance. In the US, the population under the age of 40 which are said to be obese is now more than 25%. Unfortunately, many obese children develop type 2 diabetes. A great increase of obesity in the US leads to the high percentage of population suffering from metabolic syndrome that involves insulin resistance like that of type 2 diabetes. Take note that obesity doesn't always result lead to insulin resistance; some individuals who are not obese experience insulin resistance as well.
Diabetes is a serious and lifetime condition. A person with diabetes has high blood glucose levels and may cause heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, amputations and erectile dysfunction when diabetes is not managed for a long period of time. The following complications can be prevented when diabetes is managed properly.

If you have diabetes, the good news is you can still live a healthy and long life by maintaining your blood glucose levels within the ideal range. This can be achieved by:

1. Regularly eating nutritious and healthy meals.

2. Exercising habitually.

3. Proper intake of medication for diabetes as well as insulin.

What you need to know about insulin:

There is only one type of short-acting insulin when it was first discovered to aid people with diabetes, and it needs numerous injections per day. New insulins that have long lasting effects were soon discovered as time went by; leading to less insulin shots per day but needing proper timing of meals.

The discovery made the lives of diabetic people easier, being able to take few shots and maintain suitable blood glucose levels to maintain a healthy body. With just 1-4 insulin shots per day, blood glucose levels can be controlled with ease.

An individual first needs to discuss some matters to a health practitioner before shifting to insulin. Combination therapy, as well as diet and exercised are discussed before changing over to insulin. If one is obese, he/she must be aware of the chances of gaining more weight as well as the importance of maintaining the neutral weight to manage diabetes.

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