My Vegan Venue Offers Comfort Food Recipes That Use Economical Pantry Staples

Olympia, WA, April 08, 2020 --( For these challenging times, My Vegan Venue offers a variety of recipes that combine common and economical pantry ingredients (including beans, rice and pasta), into comforting, delicious, hearty and wholesome meals. Designed for both families and individuals, recipes include both traditional and novel menu ideas. Two new 10-recipe bundles are currently available on the company website.

The "Pantry Picks ~ 10 Recipe Sampler 1" downloadable ebook bundle includes a variety of comforting recipes including a simple but mighty 4-ingredient chili, a versatile recipe for creamy linguine, a cheerful recipe for rainbow soup, and an egg-free, dairy-free, high-protein recipe for peanut butter oatmeal pancakes. Several of the other recipes in this bundle make use of high-protein and substantial ingredients such as beans, lentils and brown rice.

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The "Pantry Picks ~ Beans & Rice Inspirations" downloadable ebook bundle takes its inspiration from Tex-Mex recipes that make ample use of pantry staples, including dried or canned beans, dry or ready-to-eat rice, corn and flour tortillas, canned chilies and tomatoes and zesty sauces and seasonings. From family favorites (including quesadillas and enchiladas) to novel takes on traditional recipes, this bundle offers many options for incorporating a few budget-friendly pantry items into many genuinely delicious meals.

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Food pantry administrators, single parents and vulnerable people are encouraged to contact the company by email at to request a free version of the recipes, including printer-friendly image-free versions.

My Vegan Venue promotes the practice of ethical veganism by offering a large variety of vegan recipes and recipe collections on its website and has recently published its first collection of recipes in e-book format. Available in the Kindle Store, the e-book is the first cookbook in the Simple Transitions product line, which seeks to help people easily transition to veganism by providing viable vegan recipes along with information about vegan food products and options. Some of the 53 recipes (one for each week of the 2020 leap year) are veganized versions of traditional dishes while others are novel. According to PETA each person can personally save the lives of over 100 animals a year by going and staying vegan.

The cookbook's recipes introduce both new and experienced cooks to a variety of meat-free and dairy-free products from major vegan brands, including Beyond Meat, Gardein, Field Roast, Daiya Foods, Tofurky, Just, Inc., Go Veggie, Follow Your Heart, Earth Balance, Enjoy Life and So Delicious as well as brands that offer vegan products, including Boca, Lightlife, Morningstar Farms, Quorn, Lo ma Linda, and Tofutti. Also featured are common vegan staples, including non-dairy milk, grains, tofu, pasta, beans and legumes, nutritional yeast, vital wheat gluten, nuts, and fruits and vegetables.

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The company donates a percentage of profits to the United States Humane Society's Pets for Life Program, which provides outreach and support services to underserved communities around the country.


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