14 kid-friendly subscription boxes parents will love

If you want to get your baby starting on the green initiative early, The Honest Company delivers the best eco-friendly products to your door each month. Choose from two different bundles: the Diapers and Wipes Bundle comes with six packs of mix and match diapers and four packs of wipes, while the Honest Box comes with mix and match cleaning products, baby food, wellness i tems like vitamins, feminine care products, and beauty products â€" perfect for new moms who deserve some pampering. You can update your item preferences any time, choose when you want your boxes to ship and how frequently they come.The Diapers and Wipes Bundle is $79.95 each month, which is a pretty good deal for how many diapers and wipes you're getting. (They also offer $20 off your first diaper bundle.) The Honest Box is pretty much a "pay what you want" deal as it lets you add whichever items you want and however many you want â€" so you could technically get a shipment of one tube of sunscreen each month and only pay for that and shipping. However, they do offer discounts at certain prices: Save 10% when you spend $25, save 15% and get free shipping when you spend $50, and save $25 and get free shipping when you spend $100+.Learn more about your options and subscribe to The Honest Company here.


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