Turmeric Semolina Halwa

Sometimes you cook something that you have grown up with, and don’t realise how good it is until you take a picture and post it on facebook. Well, that’s what has happened with me today! My grandma always made us what she called Sheera, whenever anyone had a cold or was feeling weak in the winter. […]

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Butter Chicken

Clay pot Butter Chicken

My love for butter chicken started as a child and I inherited it from my grand father. He was fortunate enough to have enjoyed the original Murgh Makhani in Pakistan he moved to Delhi with his family in 1947 after the India/Pakistan partition. He used to frequent the original Moti Mahal restaurant in Peshawar, and he […]

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Baby Yams and Spinach

Baby Yams and Spinach Curry

I like mixing traditional ingredients with a little twist of my own, and this is one of those recipes I guess. I’ve been trying to get my boys to eat yams for a while, but the fusspots don’t like them. This recipe finally changed that! It all started with a bag of baby Yams and […]

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