Sunflower Papaya Salad

Whether red, orange or yellow, a ripe papaya is a delicious sweet fruity treat and it is hard to resist the sweet juicy flesh. Whilst I love the flavour of Papaya on its own, I like to spice mine up a little bit as I love the tantalising lime and spice with the sweet papaya and the sunflower seeds add the crunch that transforms this fruit Salad.

DSCF7014 (3) (1280x960)There’s not a lot to do when you have a ripe papaya – simply peel the skin, scoop out the seeds and chop up the pieces.

For my Sunflower Papaya Salad, I added some salt, black pepper, zest and juice of a lemon (lime works even better) and some pomegranate powder. Mix well and sprinkle some toasted sunflower seeds on top to add some crunch to the soft juicy fruit.

It’s best not to make the Salad in advance. Make the fresh salad and be ready to enjoy almost straightaway.

DSCF7007 (4) (1280x960)


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