Summer Pasta Salad with Tofu

Extra firm Tofu is fantastic and I always like to keep a packet stashed in my fridge for emergency use. Its fun sprucing up food with the Tofu touch every now and then!

This is a simple Pasta Salad where I used up some tri-coloured sweet peppers, frozen peas and Tofu that I chopped up into small cubes to match the small size of the pasta.

I stir fried them a little in Extra virgin olive oil and as soon as they had softened a little, I added some Italian seasoning (a blend of oregano, basil and garlic). I like lots of garlic in my food, so I added some extra garlic mince along with salt and white pepper.

Once the pasta and vegetables were combined I drizzled some white Balsamic vinegar on top and this was a lovely side dish to our BBQ dinner.

Why did I use White Balsamic and White pepper in place of normal ones? I didn’t want the Balsamic and the black pepper to darken the bright colours of my pasta and vegetables. However, I wanted the flavour that I get from these two ingredients, hence the White versions.


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