Sour cherries

Sour Cherries and Jalapenos Chutney

The produce at the Farmers Markets at this time of year is absolutely amazing. I tend to load up a little too much every time I go there, and since we have an amazing ‘U pick’ your own vegetables and fruits Farm near our house, I’m spoilt for choice this year!

One of the new fruits I fell in love with this year are Sour cherries. They are fantastically sour and full of flavour. I love the bright red colour of these cherries.

Sour cherries
Sour cherries


The fun starts with preparing the sour cherries. Well, first these had to be washed and then pitted. It was a little laborious to pit these little things but it does squeeze out pretty quickly. The juice from the cherries is super sticky and since I was doing this with the boys, the red juice was everywhere. Saying that, it was a lot of fun spending that family time together and we managed to pit a whole box of these in one afternoon.

Now what does one do with a whole box of sour cherries? I should have thought of that before I was taken in by the juicy bright red cherries. Since I had also picked up a huge bag of Jalapenos, why not combine them? Sour and spicy works for me.

Hence came the creation of the Sour Cherry and Jalapeno Chutney and the spicy Sour Cherry and Jalapeno Jam.

The problem here is that whilst I was in my creative ‘throw everything in the pot’ phase, I didn’t take note of exactly how much I was putting in to the pot and in my ‘cherry’ excitement I didn’t even weigh the box of cherries before I started pitting them. Well, I didn’t weigh them after they were pitted either as I put the whole pot straight onto the heat.



Sour Cherries – pitted
Salt and black pepper
Green Jalapenos – minced
Cumin seeds
Coriander powder
Balsamic Vinegar

This boiled for a little while as the cherries had to be cooked and softened. Then taking a hand blender I just blitzed it all to a chunky smooth chutney and canned them into 250 ml Mason jars. I made about over 30 jars with the chutney.


Sour cherries – pitted and pureed in a blender
Jalapenos – minced
Liquid Pectin

We now have over 2 dozen bottles of this Spicy Jam and its fantastic!



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