Roasted Red Pepper Salad

One of the dishes on my Buffet table this week was a roasted red pepper pasta salad, and it came together within minutes since I roasted the peppers the day before.

Since I was putting together this lavish buffet, I didn’t have time to take accurate measurements for a proper recipe and the quantity I made was for a large crowd!
DSCF4025 (1280x960)
I sliced some peppers, drizzled some lemon olive oil on them, sprinkled some salt and pepper and roasted them on a parchment lined sheet, 15 minutes at 375F was enough to give it a bit of a roasting but not turn it to mush when I chop them. I added two heads of garlic to the sheet as I wanted to use the garlic for my dressing.

Since I was running against time, I simply put all the hot, freshly roasted peppers, along with their juices into a large glass jar and closed the lid to let the steam build up inside there.  I left them in there overnight and peeled the skin off in the morning, chopped them and saved some of the juice for my dressing along with the roasted garlic.

I like my Salad crunchy, so I added two fresh red peppers, chopped up into little cubes to add to the salad, along with a few shallots, very finely chopped. Pasta was cooked al dente, drained immediately, cooled down with cold icy water and drizzled with some garlic olive oil to stop them from sticking together.

For the dressing, I got my little blender out and started with the roasted garlic, I added one of the roasted red peppers into the blender, juice and zest from 2 limes, and 2 lemons, Italian seasoning mix, fresh oregano leaves, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika powder and 1 thai red chilli. I blitzed this in the blender using some of the reserved juice from the roasted peppers to get the consistency I needed for the dressing. I combined everything in a large bowl, wrapped it with cling film and into the fridge until I was ready to serve.

I need to make a bowl of this, just for me for my lunch, one of these days………


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