Pickled Turmeric

I love fresh Turmeric but it’s not easy to find all year round, especially not in this part of the world. So what does one do when one fills up a large bag of fresh turmeric. There’s only so much a family of 3 can eat, and it’s not something that can really be consumed a lot in one sitting. So, I decided to pickle mine! 

Fresh Turmeric
Fresh Turmeric

First, I washed the turmeric, and let them dry on a kitchen towel for a few minutes. Since the climate here is very dry, everything dries up within minutes whether regardless of the time of year. I then peeled the turmeric, but saved the shavings.

Fresh Turmeric - peel
Fresh Turmeric – peel

I dried the shavings on a towel for a couple of days before keeping them in a jar to save for when I make some Chai. I just add a little piece of the shaving into the water for when I make tea, and it not only adds another dimension of flavour to the tea but also some golden colour to the traditionally brown brew.

So after peeling the turmeric, I sliced the turmeric into thick juliennes and popped them into a jar in which I was already pickling some green chillies.

Pickled Fresh Turmeric
Pickled Fresh Turmeric

This is a simple ‘non traditional’ form of pickling that I use. Its something I learnt by watching my grandma make some Indian summer pickles.

Lots of sliced green chillies at the bottom of the jar, with slices of fresh turmeric on top. Fill the jar upto the top but not overloaded. Sprinkle some salt generously into the jar, I added 1 tablespoon into a half pint jar. Fill the jar up with some white vinegar and tightly close the lid. Let this rest in the sun or a warm place in the window for a couple of days or so, shaking the contents of the jar every 6-8 hours or whenever you remember to!

Pickled Fresh Turmeric
Pickled Fresh Turmeric

The contents of the jar will sink a little as it ‘pickles’. I use the pickled turmeric in cooking every day meals, including pasta sauces! Its delicious when eaten on its own too, but a tad bit on the strong side for me. I recently added some to a stir fry I was making and the chillies at the bottom were also amazingly potent.

A nice addition to my pickling jars for sure.


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