Orange Lime Chicken Corn Tacos

Experimenting with the spices and Salsas that I purchased on my recent road trip across Texas and New Mexico. The food trucks there were amazing with the variety of tacos they served and the flavour that was packed into those, I can not replicate that, but the spice blends and ghost pepper salsas surely help to get somewhere close.

Orange Lime Chicken Tacos

The Gluten Free Corn Tacos were also a part of my little shopping spree and I absolutely love them. I would have purchased more packages but these can’t be frozen and they can’t live on room temperature for too long!

Corn Tortillas
Gluten Free Corn Tortillas

Refried beans were out of a can but I did spruce them up with some lemon olive oil, fresh cilantro, salt, pepper and some garlic.

Orange Lime Chicken I sliced the chicken into long strips and cooked it in 2 cups of orange juice and 1/4 cup of lime juice. Once the chicken was half cooked, I added some Taco seasoning to it and some crushed Jalapenos. I allowed the chicken to cook until the juices had dried up.

Orange Lime Chicken
Orange Lime Chicken

I used some Corn Salsa on top, along with some sour cream that had been mixed in with lemon juice and cilantro.

The topping was this amazing Ghost Pepper Salsa that I purchased on my recent trip to Texas. It is super super hot but tastes amazing. I am already planning on how to recreate this as I only have one jar and it is not going to last very long. Super strong, spicy and pungent, to the point where I can no longer hear my ears buzzing and I can’t talk, but so much fun.

Ghost pepper Salsa
Ghost pepper Salsa

Some fresh Avocados and crunchy Jalapenos completed the topping and helped bring some freshness to the tacos. You may want to go easy on the Jalapenos, as the Salsa is hot enough as it is!


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