Naan bread using Pizza dough

If you can make Pizza dough, you can make your own naan bread. I made the pizza dough, and instead of olive oil, used some Sunflower oil. I added the normal yeast, salt and sugar, but to make it taste like a naan bread I added some dried Cilantro/Coriander leaves.

I made the dough balls and sprayed them with some oil before letting them rest. I just don’t like the dried crusty surface that comes up if they are not oily on the surface as they rise.

Rolled these out with a rolling pin, on a lightly floured surface and straight onto the grill or you can use the barbecue, for the same result. I LOVED the griddle marks on them.

Considering I made 80 of them, it only took 20 minutes on the grill. It was amazingly fast and I just wrapped them up in foil to get them soft whilst retaining the heat.

Next time you make pizza dough, save some for a Naan !

You can of course add any flavour to the dough …. with hind sight, I should have added some garlic powder to the naan for the flavour but I was rushed off my feet at the time. Fortunately I remembered to take a photograph, even though my camera needs cleaning today after getting fully floured yesterday.



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