Freezing Green Chillies

A tiny package of BIG heat!

Simple impressive and – hot green chillies. Whether they are the Thai ones or the Indian hot ones, I love these little green tiny monsters as they are packed packed packed with a lot of heat and flavour. Unfortunately, its impossible to get these all year round, especially where we are so Spring and Summer is the best time to stock up on these. There’s lots of ways to store these, but my favourite one is freezing them fresh and whole.

On the day I buy these from the grocery store, I wash them in salted cold water and then let them dry on a kitchen towel. Then I snap the top ends off and¬†simply pop these into a ziploc bags and into the freezer. I use a pair of scissors to slice them straight into whatever I am cooking. Its so convenient to have these freshly frozen and it doesn’t affect their flavour at all.

I have tried using them defrosted, but that doesn’t work. They should be cooked from frozen but not defrosted, as that just goes all watery.

I have been freezing them this way for years, and they last me the entire winter. I love the convenience and being able to have fresh ingredients all year round instead of things out of a bottle when winter settles in. I would say they are fine for upto 6 months in the freezer. I have not had to keep them in there for more than 6-8 months ever.

Another way to preserve these hot little monsters is by pickling them. That’s for next week as I don’t fancy making pickles when rain keeps threatening to pour down on us any minute!!


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