I love attending events where I get to try out different cuisines, experience new cultures and meet people who live, eat and love food. I do enjoy taking photographs, albeit it can be a little challenging at some places but thankfully, the new cell phones work wonders in being able to take photographs without having to lug a huge camera bag with me. I’m not exactly a professional photographer, in fact I’m as far from it as one can be. However, it works as my visual diary and reminder so its pretty handy.

Having 2 little chihuahuas and a 12 year old means I can’t travel as much as I’d like to or venture out ‘too far’ nowadays, but as soon as I’m able to, I intend to get my travelling shoes on again. Saying that, there’s so much going on in the foodie scene in Toronto alone so it’s definitely not much of a deterrent.

Food Bloggers Conference
Having attended the Food Bloggers of Canada conference in Montreal this year, I’m a huge fan now and intend to attend every year. I have already booked my place for the 2016 conference which thankfully is in Toronto, so no excuse not to attend. This is my detailed account of how the conference went for me.

Food Reviews
Back in 2008-2009 I started writing about our luncheon adventures in Calgary. The Calgary Justice Luncheon Club doesn’t exist any more, but shall be reigniting my food reviews from January 2016.

Please note, any of my food reviews are not sponsored content, and I have not received any consideration in return for writing these posts unless indicated otherwise on a specific post.