Dragons are Forever

It is so annoying when you get a song stuck in your head and it keeps on playing all the time. Well, that happens to me! The invisible singer in my head has been singing Diamonds are forever since we were comparing Candice Glover’s voice with Shirley Basseys amazing vocals in the old James Bond movies. Somehow, I’m now singing Dragons are forever ….

DSCF4008 (1280x960)

These little dragon babies were absolutely fantastic. My son and I have been experimenting with new foods lately, and after our Purple Sugarcane experiment, we have been waiting to try out the magical Dragon Fruit.

Did you know the Dragon fruit is also called the Mood Flower and the Strawberry Pear? I did some research to find out its benefits and came across the Natural News website. This little magical fruit seems to have fabulous glucose lowering properties as well as being a super antioxidant. I will definitely be using this a little more in our diet.

How to cut the Dragon?

I used the simple, easy technique. Get a sharp knife and halve it lengthways. We loved the juicy and beautiful interior of this cactus fruit as soon as I opened the halves. It was surprisingly easy to halve and it was super juicy and moist on the inside.

I was surprised at how easy it was to simply peel the pink skin off. I started off with the knife but then it easily pulled off by hand.

DSCF4021 (1280x960)



I peeled off the little skin that was between the peel and the fruit. You don’t need to, as its part of the fruit but I wanted my fruit to look neat and tidy. It was such an elegant fruit that it deserved my rectangular plate for sure! The fruit wasn’t slippery at all and not an ounce of slimy texture. It was easy to cut into chunky cubes and I then covered the plate with cling film and refrigerated it for about 2-3 hours whilst we researched on other recipes to make with this amazing fruit. DSCF4026 (1280x960)


We ate this plate as our dessert that day, and the flavour was so different after it had been chilled in the refrigerator for a few hours.

How would I describe its taste? It reminds me of a sweet kiwi and a watermelon. It doesn’t have the tartness of the Kiwi fruit, but the texture definitely reminds me of that or maybe its the black seeds? Nevertheless, it tastes fantastic and I can’t wait to make Dragon fruit Jelly!!



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