Curried Veg Pasties or Hand Pies

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It may have been called a Cornish pasty years ago, but we can’t refer to them with that name any more. So, I would stick to referring to these little babies as Pasties. I suppose some would even call them empanadas, but the pasty texture is quite different, not to mention the fillings.

This filling was made with potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and loaded with spices including mustard, horseradish and Jamaican Curry powder. The result was an amazing pasty with tons of flavour and a wonderful kick, not the kind that burns your tongue but the kind where it slowly rises at the back of your throat as you enjoy the pasty. Its the kind that makes you want to eat more, despite the tummy warning about possible overload. These pasties, were amazing and the pastry was crispy, crumbly and just right. It wasn’t too heavy, but substantial enough to satisfy the tum, the eyes and the tongue!

Again, this recipe is part of my next vegetarian book, but I had to share the picture to give you a flavour of what to expect!!

I love vegetarian cooking as the array of fresh vegetables (and fruits!) are always begging me to play with different flavour combinations and spice blends. I love the sweet fresh taste of fresh vegetables combined with a spicy kick …. SO satisfying !!



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