Creamy Spicy Paneer

Gluten free, vegetarian and decadentDSCF4073 (1280x960)This is a dish my Mum would be proud of! I know its one of her favourites too, so this one is for you Mum…..

Shahi Paneer or Mughlai Paneer – both are rich, decadent and creamy reminders of the Royal influence on Indian cuisine. I debated with myself whether this was Shahi Paneer or Mughlai Paneer, or in fact Darbari Paneer, but the Mughlai Paneer prevailed. Shahi Paneer is the Royal Paneer, so it should have Almonds and raisins by default. My version didn’t have either of those. The Darbari Paneer is the Courtesan Chef’s version of Paneer, and again my version failed as it just wasn’t rich and decadent enough!

Hence, the Mughlai influence on our food led to the creamy rich version that I have made, and the reason I chose this one was because there is no technical limitation on the ingredients I use, its a bit like calling anything a Korma or a Curry! So, this is one of my Mughlai influenced Paneer dishes and it does not have any butter in it, just oodles of clarified butter and yogurt.

I was looking for something different as a garnish, and I came across some dried rose petals in my spice drawer. I stirred them in afterwards and they added this delicate floral essence to the Paneer which really added to the whole experience.

Its simply not the same without the rose petals! I will be using these a lot more in my dishes from now on….the mind boggles with the infinite combinations and possibilities.

DSCF4075 (1280x960)

The Paneer was homemade (NOT!), it was store bought and I plumped it up by soaking it in a little cream (naughty, yes, but it transformed the flavour and texture!).

I cooked the sauce for hours, as I wanted the onions, tomatoes, ginger and spices to really marry well before I added the Paneer. I didn’t roast, grill, pan fry or coat the paneer with anything as I like them soft and juicy in this dish. Can you taste the flavour yet? I can!

I reduced the sauce until it almost halved before I added the Paneer pieces and just let them simmer in the juices for a few minutes before I served the Paneer with some Naan bread.

I will get down and write the recipe if someone needs it, as at the moment I’m wondering whether anyone even cooks or reads anything I write?!



4 thoughts on “Creamy Spicy Paneer

  1. Yeah I would definitely cook it if you posted the recipe, it looks simply divine! My mouth is actually watering at those pictures.

    But alas, I will go find another recipe to use. Hopefully one day you will post yours.

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