Chocolate quesadilla

Chocolate Banana Quesadillas

The perfect sleepover midnight snack ! Or dessert ….. or a Sunday treat? Its easy to make time for this little pleasure!

All I can say to introduce this little concoction is that it really, really satisfies the sweet tooth without the feeling of over-indulgence and it only took minutes to put together.

Chocolate quesadilla
Chocolate quesadilla

However, I cannot take credit for this recipe idea as it originated during a conversation with a colleague, Chris and the foodie monster inside me took over and we just had to try it. My concern was whether the chocolate chunks would melt enough to give me a gooey chocolatey texture inside. I needn’t have worried as the Quesadilla was crispy which contrasted really well with the mushy gooey chocolate banana mixture inside which in turn was the perfect contrasting flavour with the cold decadent icecream. The crunchy almonds just completed the package by adding the crunch in every bite and the chocolate syrup……need I go on? I’m making myself hungry!!

How to make it? An absolutely simple recipe put together by warming and crisping up the Quesadilla on a skillet, wherein I sandwiched some nutella, banana slices and chocolate chunks between two tortillas. Whilst this was crisping up nicely on the skillet (I used a heavy skillet press to hold it down), I chopped up some almonds and there’s always some chocolate syrup in the fridge so that helped too!

Slice the Quesadilla like a pizza and top this up with a large ball of icecream of your choice. I used vanilla ice cream balls, that I scooped out and returned them into the freezer until I was ready to use them. Drizzle some chocolate syrup and sprinkle some almonds to glam up this simple dessert.



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