Chipotle Orange Chicken Patties

A quick and easy Chicken patty that tasted sweet and spicy at the same time!

Chipotle Orange Chicken Patties

Chipotle Orange Chicken Patties – No Carbs, No Oil, Gluten Free recipe, Low Fat
I love my Le Creuset Crepe pan and I like to cook a lot of things on it, including these patties. You may use any stove top griddle pan or skillet, whichever one you prefer. This is how I made it…

1 lb chicken mince
zest of 1 orange
3 tbsp spiced orange marmalade
1 tsp chipotle chili pepper
1 tsp chipotle sauce
3 tbsp egg white
Salt and black pepper to taste
1 tbsp food yeast flakes

Mix really well. I heated my crepe pan on medium heat and before I started cooking these, I had an icecream scoop, a small bowl of cold water, a ‘flipping spoon’, a stainless steel bowl that I turn upside down like a dome on top of my griddle pan and my tongs. Once I’m fully equipped, I start cooking these…

Spray a little PAM spray onto the surface of the pan. Using the ice cream scoop, drop three separate balls of the chicken mince on the pan, with some space in the middle. Wet your hands with the cold water and gently press down on the chicken to shape it like a patty whilst its on top of the pan. Press gently to shape them round or oval.

Sprinkle some water on the patties and turn them over very gently, but only when they look like they are halfway cooked. Once they’ve been flipped over (very gently as there is no bread / carbs in here); sprinkle some more water onto the pan, cover with the stainless steel bowl that works as a domed lid for me. This helps build steam inside and cooks the patties without drying them out. Use the tongs to remove the lid in a couple of minutes as the patties don’t take long to cook through. Once they are cooked, I spooned a tbsp of orange marmalade on top that I mixed in with some chipotle sauce, and spread it all over the patty. I flipped them over (yes, it made the pan really sticky and yucky to clean, but the flavour was amazing) and repeated the same on the other side.

I had mine for lunch with some salad and half a pita pocket.


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