Chicken Kebab Meatloaf on rice

Chicken Kebab Meatloaf

I recently had Carpol Tunnel release surgery on my hands, so making kebabs and meatballs have been a little difficult to handle. I like making kebabs and meatballs in big batches and just freezing them for whenever we need them. This way, I can whip up meatball spaghetti at any time or even a Meatball curry with rice which is a favourite in our family. The kebabs are fantastic in wraps and sometimes just crumbled up on a caesar salad.

The story behind this meatloaf started off with a Kebab mix. The meat was marinated for kebabs but since I didn’t get time to make them before the surgery, I had no choice but to turn it into a meatloaf. I now have to start making these meatloaves more often as these made amazing sandwiches the next day, were fantastic with salad and even with some garlicky roasted potatoes on a bed of rice.

Kebab Meatloaf
Kebab Meatloaf made with chicken mince

Unfortunately, this a recipe without measurements. It’s not difficult to make, just flavour it to suit your taste.

First, to make the chicken kebab marinade. I added some ready made kebab mix powder that is readily available at most grocery stores. You can make the mix at home, but some of the ready made ones are just as good. Since some are spicier than others, be a little conservative when adding the kebab mix.

Then, add some salt, pepper, ground green chillies (Thai chillies), fresh cilantro, ground onion paste, ginger and garlic paste, a little tomato paste, an egg and and a handful of breadcrumbs. Knead the mixture using some oil in your hands, and make sure everything is combined really well. The best way to check the flavour of the meat is to take a tsp of this mixture and cook it in a small frying pan. Once the chicken is cooked through, taste the seasoning and add more kebab mix if you need to.

I let the meat marinate in the fridge at least overnight. I took a foil tray and shaped the meatloaf into a huge oval shape.

Make a dressing to top the meatloaf by mixing some ketchup, mint coriander chutney, sriracha sauce, a little barbeque sauce and some garlic paste. Rub this liberally on top of the meatloaf and I surrounded mine with baby potatoes that had been prepared to make garlic roast potatoes.

Kebab Meatloaf
Kebab Meatloaf made with chicken mince

Since I was using a foil pie plate for the meatloaf, I fitted it into a cake pan filled with water before placing it on a baking sheet. I had to minimise dish-washing as the bandage couldn’t be soaked, so disposable trays have been very handy. The water at the base of the meatloaf helped keep it all nice and moist.

Chicken Kebab Meatloaf on rice
Chicken Kebab Meatloaf with rice

5 thoughts on “Chicken Kebab Meatloaf

  1. Hi Ginni, I’ve been on a meatloaf making binge lately so plan to try this. As you call it chicken kabob meatloaf am I correct in assuming you made it with ground chicken? Could one use ground beef? Love your posts!

    1. Hi Denise,
      Thank you! Yes, you can use ground beef, it works just as well. Only thing I would add to that would be a little pinch of clove powder, mace powder and nutmeg powder. Let me know how it turns out for you! Ginni

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