Garlic Chipotle Tomato Soup with Sumac Jalapeno Avocado Toast

Distractions in the kitchen create accidental dishes. I was happily boiling a pot of fresh tomato soup when my husband arrived with a box full of fresh groceries. I only sent him out to get some milk, so it was inevitable I was going to receive a bit more than I asked for. Why do […]

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Homemade comforting soup

Chorizo and Vegetable Pasta Soup

There are times when only a bowl of soup works the magic. For me, it was one of those days. We have had a bit of a traumatic few days, hence the absence of food blog posts recently.  I recently had Carpol Tunnel Surgery and during the process a rare tumour was discovered in my […]

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Romanian Cabbage Rolls

Supa cu Galuste (Romanian Soup with Dumplings)

Whilst we were having our Romanian cooking lesson from my friend Cristian, he introduced us to this beautiful delicately flavoured soup made using fresh Chicken soup with wheatlet dumplings. This soup was amazingly delicious and easy to make, so much so that even my fussy 10 year old son loved the soup. It has an […]

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Hot and Sour Soup – Thai style

The winter this year, has possibly been the coldest I have ever experienced. When our freezer feels warmer than what it is outside, its not fun and we have been in this deep freeze for quite a few weeks now. The one thing that keeps our hearts warm in this cold, is a hot heart […]

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