Turmeric Semolina Halwa

Sometimes you cook something that you have grown up with, and don’t realise how good it is until you take a picture and post it on facebook. Well, that’s what has happened with me today! My grandma always made us what she called Sheera, whenever anyone had a cold or was feeling weak in the winter. […]

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Orange Chocolate cake

Orange Chocolate and Vanilla Marbled cake

Certain foods always hold specific memories for me. Oranges and chocolates together, remind me of Christmas and considering we are in the middle of May right now, I shouldn’t be having those thoughts. However, I’m having a ‘late spring clean’ of my kitchen cabinets and in my mission to clear out some cabinet space, I […]

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Heart to Heart Matcha Brownies

This is a guest post by a dear friend, Bernice who is one of the very few people in the world who can make me laugh and cry with her written word. Thank for such a deliciously heart wrenching blog post…..  A guest post by Bernice Hill, Dish’n the Kitchen I first met Ginni online through […]

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31 layers of Tiramisu Cake

Not everyone can press my buttons to push me just that ‘little bit’ over the limit and out of my comfort zone. But I do enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone, and I thrive under that kind of pressure. The one little person who knows when and how to push those buttons is […]

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Chocolate quesadilla

Chocolate Banana Quesadillas

The perfect sleepover midnight snack ! Or dessert ….. or a Sunday treat? Its easy to make time for this little pleasure! All I can say to introduce this little concoction is that it really, really satisfies the sweet tooth without the feeling of over-indulgence and it only took minutes to put together. However, I […]

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