Corn Roti

Yellow roti, as I grew up calling it, was a family favourite that only my grandma could make perfectly. It’s something I was always apprehensive about cooking myself and I procrastinated for years before I eventually tackled the Yellow roti demon. It wasn’t too bad and once I had the technique perfected, they turned out […]

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Potato stuffed Flat breads – Aloo Paranthas

When you marry a North Indian Punjabi guy, regardless of the fact that he was born in England, you learn how to make Aloo Paranthas. These spicy potato filled flat breads are a ‘necessity’ and must be perfected. It took me a couple of years of watching, learning and practicing to get these to work […]

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Chai spiced Muffins

Guest post by Baker Beans: If there’s one flavour I adore, it’s chai. We are lucky to have a variety of cultures within our family unit. One particular cousin has a very special chai tea recipe they make every time we visit, one passed down in her family. They’ve shared the recipe with us and […]

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Saffron Almonds and Rose water Porridge

Saffron Almond and Rose Oat Porridge

This recipe wasn’t supposed to be like this. I started off by soaking some steel cut oats in a bowl of water overnight with the intention of making some heartwarming Oats porridge for breakfast since the temperature is in the minus 30 degrees Celsius. It’s freezing cold and only porridge as fuel in the morning […]

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Indian French Toast

Savoury French Toast

I have always loved French Toast for breakfast. As a child, it was always a treat to get French toast in the morning and it was usually on our days off School or in the School holidays that we got these.  For some reason, we never ate French toast when we went out so it […]

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